However you plan to use PushTo, you can be sure you're getting value for money...

PushTo is a very comprehensive platform which offers a huge range of features. We offer a bespoke package, tailored to your requirements. This is so that we can ensure PushTo works exactly how you need it to and delivers the best results possible at a price that works for you.

PushTo pricing is extremely competitive, especially for those who are serious about email marketing. Your low monthly fee stays the same however big your database gets and however many emails you send.

One of our customers who has 3 furniture stores and sends monthly newsletters and regular offers to their database of 25,000 pays £3,600 per year. This includes 3 licences for standard consoles so that each store can log in individually to create their campaigns. As their database grows, the price of their licences will stay the same. Their main aims are to keep in touch with their database and drive footfall for sales and this can be achieved without any particular advanced functionality so the standard PushTo console is all they need at the moment.

Another of our customers who has a portfolio of 20 hotel properties is dealing with their data in quite an advanced way and spends £70,000 per year with PushTo. They started off paying a much lower amount but due to the huge return on investment they were receiving as a direct result of email marketing they decided to allocate more of their marketing budget from other areas such as print and radio advertising costs – still saving money overall! The additional funds meant that the their bespoke PushTo consoles could be developed to meet specific requirements of their strategy.

Something to show for your marketing budget...

For every pound spent on email marketing,
our client receives £11.50 return on investment -
the highest of all advertising mediums.


Results from Radio Centre's The 'ROI Multiplier' 2013
*Average monthly ROI based on our client's direct revenue from marketing emails for 2015