Do you offer marketing services to your clients?

Take advantage of our digital capabilities and re-sell our products and strengthen your portfolio. Re-selling PushTo could secure you a reliable source of regular income and build that all important base business with minimal effort. If your clients aren't already including email marketing as part of their strategy or are doing it half heartedly, then introduce them to PushTo!

You can become a PushTo reseller in one of 3 ways:

  1. You introduce your client to PushTo with no further involvement or commitments - we give you 20% of the annual licence fee.
  2. You sell PushTo to your client and manage their payments for email marketing - you pay us 80% of the required annual licence fee. 
  3. You sell PushTo to your client and provide an ongoing helpdesk service. We'd provide technical support to yourselves as necessary - you take 50% of the annual licence fee.

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